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How to get a Free PS3!

Did you know that there are Free PS3 websites which have been PROVEN LEGITIMATE by CNN, NBC, and Wired News? These sites have been verified legitimate by countless people who have already received their Free Playstation 3!

You're probably thinking this is a scam, and you are smart to be cautious. I did a lot of research before I found out which sites were legitimate and got My Free Sony Playststion 3. I didn't even have to pay shipping or handling, and I even got 2 free games!

free ps3

How do I know this isn't a scam?

I've spent over two years researching online freebies and to date I've received over $10000 in online prizes and PayPal including six iPods, a free XBOX 360 Elite, two free PS3s and a free Nintendo Wii! To see some of the freebies I've already received, check out this Freebie Proof. These freebie sites are known as Incentivized Freebie Websites and they are 100% Legitimate!

How do I get a Free PS3?

It's very easy to get a Free Playstation 3 if you just know how. There are 3 simple steps and then your Free PS3 will be shipped to your door!

Step One : Register for your Free PS3

The trickiest part about getting a free PS3 is finding a site that is legitimate and will actually send you a free PS3. I've tried this site and it's been proven to work!

Free Playstation 3 (US & Canada)
Free Playstation 3 (Worldwide)
Free PS3 Games
Free Nintendo Wii (US & Canada)
Free Nintendo Wii (Worldwide)
Free iPod Touch (US & Canada)
Free iPod Touch (Worldwide)
Free XBOX 360 Elite (US & Canada)
Free XBOX 360 Elite (Worldwide)

Looking for more stuff for free online? Check out this Legit Freebie Directory.

Just follow the simple instructions on the site. Don't try to cheat the system! If you do everything as you see on this page, and you don't try to cheat in any way you will be guaranteed to receive your PS3 free of charge. People who cheat get caught!

Step Two : Try an advertiser's offer

To get your Free PS3 you'll need to try an advertiser's offer. Lots of the offers are really cheap, and some are even free, so pick the offer you like the best and sign up! For more info on why you need to do this step check out this Guide to Freebie Offers. Don't skip this step - you won't get your free PS3! It's a good idea to do it right away so that you don't forget, that way you can get your Free PS3 faster.

Step Three : Tell your friends

To get your free PS3 you'll need to refer some friends to the program. Now that you've signed up and completed your offer, you know how the system works so you can tell your friends about it. You don't have to worry about them being scammed because they are signing up under YOU and you just signed up at a proven legitimate free PS3 site. If they are skeptical, show them this page so they know how it all works.

Check out How to Get Freebie Referrals for lots of ideas on how to get fast referrals for FREE!

Your Free Playstation 3 is on it's way!

Once you've completed your offer and your referrals have done their offers too, your Free PS3 will be shipped to you. You don't even have to pay shipping! So long as you didn't try to cheat the system in any way you will get a totally free PS3.

Need more info?

Do you need more info about online freebies? Check out for a complete guide to online freebies.

Still skeptical?

Feel free ask a question or leave a comment!

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2010 October 23, 18:40 ALBERT BARNES wrote :

2010 October 8, 07:20 Dranzer wrote :
hey i was wondering if this can be done without referring to friends... is it possible ?

2010 October 8, 07:00 Sahil wrote :
How much money of mine will be spent on completing the offers to get a ps3? Tell me the average money you have to shell out for getting a free ps3.

2010 October 14, 07:45 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
When I did it, the offer I chose was free, but the shipping and handling cost about $5.

2010 September 27, 12:00 t wrote :
Is this legitimate? It doesn't seem natural. How long do the survey things take? Is this like 6 hrs of something?

2010 September 27, 21:54 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
Yes, this method has been proven 100% legitimate. No surveys are required.

2010 September 25, 23:19 eddie wrote :
hey i was wondering if my friends only need to sign in or also have to complete an offer?

2010 September 26, 22:34 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
Hi eddie, your referrals must try an offer to count.

2010 September 22, 06:40 Noah Henderson wrote :
So if or when i get the ps3 will i get a game and controller

2010 September 24, 23:30 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
It depends which package you order, you can get up to two free games and a free controller as well.

2010 September 13, 17:39 Zack wrote :
so what do i have to do to get a ps3 like do i have to answer quistions or something?

2010 September 15, 22:50 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
No surveys are required, just complete the steps outlined on this site.

2010 September 10, 11:23 zac wrote :
how do you know what you link is

2010 September 11, 11:15 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
Log into your account at the free PS3 site and you can find your link there.

2010 August 22, 11:28 chris wrote :
what does dont sign up under yourself mean

2010 August 21, 18:17 James.A wrote :
Exactly how many refferals do you need to have plus the offer in order to obtain your "free ps3"?

2010 August 18, 10:07 Ted wrote :
I did the offers, but they don't appear complete! What do I do?

2010 August 20, 07:32 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
Hi Ted. Sometimes if takes a day or two for the offer to show as completed. In the Offers section of the Free PS3 site you can see how long that particular offer takes to credit to your account. If it is late by more than a week, you can file a Missing Credit Report on the free PS3 site, just follow the instructions in the help section (make sure to include Full Headers in the email). Let me know if you need more help!

2010 August 12, 17:38 Jack wrote :
Should or can I get another email or is that cheating. What if my friends don't buy anything do I still get my ps3 and how long will it take for it to get to my house

2010 August 12, 21:51 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
You cannot sign up more than once, that is cheating. You and your friends do not need to buy anything. Once you place your order it takes about a week for your free PS3 to arrive at your house.

2010 August 11, 15:56 Zach wrote :
How do you send referals? Through email? How many friends do I have to refer????

2010 August 12, 21:51 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
You can use email or just write your link down and give it to your friends.

2010 August 5, 09:00 soouhon wrote :
can a whole family sign up from 1 ip

2010 August 12, 21:51 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
No, just one account per household.

2010 July 31, 09:08 josh wrote :
Do you have to pay any money after ive got the ps3 like a kind of contract or anything???

2010 August 2, 20:46 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
No, there is no commitment to buy or pay anything.

2010 July 29, 13:05 cavarionne wrote :
thank you so much i never had a ps3 you people are awesome yhank you sooooooo much

2010 July 29, 21:32 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
You are most welcome, I hope you enjoy your free PS3!

2010 July 14, 23:30 Podolski wrote :
Yo,just wondering whether this is legit, I mean TOTALLY LEGIT. Been looking forward to get a PS3 but this site, I don't really know why but it seems that this is not legit at all. Sorry for saying that. I just want to make sure. That's all. And I still don't get it...

2010 July 5, 19:27 Nick wrote :
Do i have to reffer friends'?

2010 July 9, 18:39 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
No, if you want you can use the points method which does not require referrals.

2010 July 5, 19:24 Nick wrote :
Can I make more emails and reffer myself & get a free PS3?

2010 July 9, 18:39 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
No, that is against the rules. You will not get your free PS3 if you try to cheat.

2010 June 18, 12:37 Sakeef wrote :
How do I contact you?

2010 June 20, 02:18 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
Hi Sakeef, you can put your email address in a comment if you want some more help, I will not post it on this website.

2010 April 23, 10:55 David wrote :
I have a Question. Do you know of any websites that allow me to get a free PS3 without havin to do any sponser offers?

2010 April 23, 22:32 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
All legit sites require you to try an offer, but this one only needs one easy free offer.

2010 April 3, 13:36 Ryan wrote :
This is awesome i got to tell my friends!!!!!!!!!

2010 April 4, 22:35 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
NuWTEl ckhmgwleeoab, [url=]unvrazvzijut[/url], [link=]uiepmcnowijv[/link],

2010 March 22, 15:07 kevin wrote :
once I go through and sign up for a couple of the offers how do I get my referrals recognised as my referral. I've done a couple of these before and first the list of offers just never ended even after taking 4 or 5 of them they would just give me more finaly I would just close the tab. Second when I got done with the offers that I selected they didn't tell me how they would connect my referrals to me and verify that I had completed everything they asked.

2010 March 10, 21:20 mario wrote :
how do you complete an offer

2010 March 12, 18:27 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
Just click the offers page, click the offer you like best and follow the instructions.

2010 March 8, 14:58 Justin murphy wrote :
Are you going to for sure get the ps3

2010 March 9, 10:21 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
Yes, you are 100% guaranteed to receive your free PS3 from this site, that is why I recommend using this method!

2010 February 20, 09:18 iwantfreeps3 wrote :
Yea ive done this on hundred sites they say 'o ur nerly there to getting ur ps3 when u hv to complete a million dud offers' so on this i only complete one offer for example win sainsbury vouchers and then when i complete i get ps3 if it works i will atleast tell 10 of my friends who donn't hav ps3 so i can play with them too! reply back!!

2010 February 6, 19:31 matt wrote :
How many people have done this and actually gotten their "free ps3"?

2010 February 7, 18:14 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
Thousands! Just google free ps3 proof

2010 January 25, 10:56 dude wrote :
when your friends sign up do they have to pay to sign up

2010 January 25, 21:33 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
No, do they do not have to pay to sign up. Signing up is free!

2010 January 25, 00:36 Michael wrote :
sooooo..... how long did you spend online completing these offers?

2010 January 25, 21:33 Free-PS3-Guide wrote :
it took about 5 minutes to complete the offer requirements, that part is actually really easy.

2010 January 19, 09:10 Samuel Narh wrote :
I am very happy to have a new ps3.I dreamed about it

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